Our story


In 2016 Elada Spa opened her doors under the name Elada Schoonheidssalon (dutch for spa). In April 2019 the name changed from Elada Schoonheidssalon to Elada Spa.

The spa exists of 1 treatment room, a nail salon and a area for hair services. As you enter Elada spa, you are entering a stress free zone with refreshing aromas. Soothing music will calm your mind and allow you to begin your journey of boosting energy and bring you back in balance. Our wellness and beauty experts have curated treatments with your satisfaction in mind, as very treatment is designed to fit your personal desires and specifications.


Our mission


Our mission in Elada Spa is quite simpel. Feel amazing and look good. Everyone is welcome in Elada Spa from young to old, men & women.

Elada is not a name, but stands for “decoration”, made beautiful and feel beautiful. For example by feeling beautiful by just looking at your newly polished nails or a fresh cleaned skin,  you feel not only comfortable, but also being comfortable in your skin you feel a bit more secure. We believe that if your happy with yourself, you make others happy. So relaxation + beauty = health. With the busy things of life we women forget our me-time once awhile. The moment you step into the spa we strive to make the most out of your me-time by let you forget everything. With certain services you may even fall asleep. At the end of your treatment you feel good, unstressed, renewed and most of all beautiful. Our mission is complete when you are back in balance, full of energy and a happier you.


These days spa visits are not a luxury anymore, but great benefits for a healthy lifestyle. We offer spa experience at affordable prices. a variety of different massages, skin care, body treatments, hair services, nail services and workshops. Also spa packages as a 1-day vacation close to home.


Looking to the future, while we continue to grow, our aim is to be recognized also internationally in the health and wellness industry.