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Ir. Luymesstraat 1, Pos Chiquito (Mangel halto)
, Aruba
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Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf
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Kids braids

Voor children up to 12 years

Braids                   25 ,-

full head, without extensions or own extensions


Braids                  50 ,-   

Full head included  extensions

French Braids

French Braid              25 ,-            

Natural hair, without extensions or own extensions

French Braid              50 ,-              

With extensions

A French braid starts with 3 small parts of hair close to the crown of the head, which are then braided together in the direction of the neck, while more hair is added from the side to the center of the braid structure.


2-4 Large braids

Cornrows                     50 ,-

Natural hair, without extensions or own extensions


Cornrows                     60 ,-

With extensions

Loose Braids

Full Head Braids   175,-

Natural hair or own extensions

Full Head Braids     200,-

With extensions

Weave (sew in)

Full Head                           

With own weave                                     3 hours 250,-

With synthetic weave                             3 hours 400,-

With human weave short/medium      3 hours 425,-

With human waive long/extra long     3 hours 500,-


Natural hair     75,-

Small services

Oil treatment with headmasage



Style your hair with beads or flowers              5,-

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