The principle

At the beauty center: an intense moisturizing bath and a full dose of vitamins, both essential to stimulate your cellular metabolism.
At home: because your skin has to face daily ordeals such as pollution, climatic variations, ultraviolet rays, and hormonal imbalances, this formula is continuously active. 2B Bio Hydravit nourishes by day and regenerates by night.


The secret of the formula

  • Vitamins A, C & E: regenerative, restructuring and anti-oxidant.
  • AHA (fruit acids): provides a double exfoliating and moisturizing effect which ensures a continuous cell turnover.
  • Biosaccharide: instant and long-lasting moisturizing effect.


The results

Once it has been perfectly hydrated and dosed with vitamins, the epidermis can better resist stress, fatigue, and the damage due to time and environment. Smoother and suppler, your skin looks renewed. Wrinkles and fine lines fade away. Your complexion regains its freshness.


The contents

A luxuriant and unctuous texture with delightful fruity aromas for a sensation of total comfort. Since it leaves no trace of oil, 2B Bio Hydravit helps make-up stay flawless.

2B Bio Hydravit 50 ml

  • Morning and evening after 2B Bio Oxygel.