The principle

At the beauty center: soothes the prickling sensation caused by 2B Bio Peeling by oxygenating the skin.

At home: neutralizes free radicals (the main cause of cutaneous ageing), regenerates cells, restructures the intercellular cement; 2B Bio Oxygel is a superactivated anti-ageing concentrate.


The secret of the formula

  • Perfluorodecalin: an active ingredient that increases the level of oxygen in the skin. As soon as the cellular metabolism is better oxygenated, it stimulates the production of collagen. Smoother and firmer, the skin appears visibly younger.
  • Sepicalm®: a soothing lipoamino complex enriched with magnesium and potassium that acts as a shield against external damaging elements (pollution, stress, tobacco, air conditioning, ultraviolet rays...).
  • Atlas®: high-performance moisturizing agent.


The results

More oxygen, more vitality. Your skin recovers a second youth, your features look more relaxed and your complexion becomes radiant.


The contents

A most refreshing gel that leaves the skin incredibly soft.

2B Bio Oxygel 50 ml

  • Morning and evening, before the 2B Bio Hydravit treatment cream, not forgetting to apply it on and beneath the neck and on the back of the hands, which betray age just as much as wrinkles do...